< Not all punks are anarchists!
Not all punks are anarchists!
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How much punk can a punkrock rock if a punk rock could rock punk

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Nothing compares to a night of getting high and playing skyrim…



Right guys, here you go, just a quick giveaway that I’ll end when I get back from Punk Rock Holiday on the 8th/9th of August. Consisting of:

  • 4 ringed/chained bondage belt
  • All New X-Factor issue 2
  • Daken Dark Wolverine issue 22
  • Savage Wolverine issue 7
  • Savage Wolverine issue 10
  • 2 copies of Maximum Rock and Roll zine
  • 2 copies of Brew For Breakfast Zine
  • A copy of TNS Records 10 year anniversary zine
  • Shit load of stickers and some badges
  • Mainstream Music Is Shit (37 tracks of UK Punk and Ska) compilation CD
  • Antipop Compilation CD 2013 (A lot of North West UK Punk/Ska)

It’s only a little’un but I want to give back to my followers a bit for putting up with all my ranting and shitty blog, so usual rules:

Must be following me.
Only reblogs count.
I’ll pick someone at random the day after I get back from Punk Rock Holiday

And I’ll throw in some little bits I pick up there that will be a suprise.

Happy reblogging!

Two weeks left

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